Tips for traveling to Cusco Peru

Tips for traveling to Cusco Peru

Are you an adventure lover? In that case, Cusco Peru is one of the most demanded destinations in the country, since it is the imperial Inca city that captivates all tourists. It is a magical place that catches you from the first moment!
If among your plans is to visit this South American country, you should consider certain tips to travel to Cusco Peru and enjoy the charm of this city that has much to offer.


Although Cusco Peru is a very popular destination at all times of the year, there are certain seasons that are more conducive to a trip to this magical place.
If you want to walk the streets of the city without clouds of water overhead, or the anguish of an unexpected rain, travel in the dry or summer season.
This season goes from the month of May until the end of October, and is undoubtedly the most recommended when visiting Cusco Peru.


Among the tips for traveling to Cusco Peru, you should also consider the weather. Although the dry season is the most appropriate to travel and enjoy the sun in the city, it is also true that this climate can change during the afternoon – night, because the low temperature is usually very cold.
Also, make sure that, when you go out walking in the city, you take with you something to cover yourself, because it is very likely that you will encounter cold winds.

Lodging zone

If there is something you should consider when traveling, it is the lodging. Try to know the place where you will stay, research about the area, lodging spaces, access and other aspects that influence your trip.
In Cusco, despite being a small city, there are several lodging areas. However, consider that most of the attractions are located in the central area, hence the importance of knowing where you will be staying.

Book in advance

Definitely if you want to know Cusco, consider booking your accommodation in advance. One of the main tips for traveling to Cusco Peru is to find the ideal accommodation and book immediately, because every day there are many tourists who come to this city.
Just like you, there are hundreds of people eager to know Cusco for being a very popular and visited city, so the issue of accommodation should be taken with caution.

Make the most of your days off

If you will only be in Cusco for a couple of days, make the most of your time! Get up early, make an agenda of the places you want to visit, plan a guided tour and enjoy each place to the fullest.
Being such a touristy city and with so many things to see, it is best to organize yourself well so you don’t miss anything.

Cash as well as credit cards

Although some people like to pay for everything with debit and credit cards, it is also important to consider cash.
On the street you will find tourist establishments with handicrafts or other local products that only accept cash, so be prepared for this!

Also, in some restaurants or hotels you will be able to pay with your credit cards, but they add a 3% to 5% commission. Although it is not much, you should consider it! If you need to withdraw money, go to an ATM of a recognized bank and that’s it.

What to visit in Cusco Peru?

Now that you know some key recommendations for your trip and stay in Cusco, do not miss this list of places you can not miss on your visit to the country.

Plaza de Armas and surroundings

This is the central area of Cusco, and is usually the busiest in the city. That is why you will see many tourists walking around it every day.
As it is the center of the city, you will find an endless number of shops where you can buy local handicrafts. In addition, you can visit the Cathedral of Cusco Peru and the Church of the Company.

San Blas

Beyond the Plaza de Armas you will find the San Blas neighborhood, a captivating place thanks to its natural views. Located at the top of the square, you can enjoy phenomenal views of the entire city.
In addition, you will find works of art in every space of the neighborhood and enjoy its bohemian style.

North of the Plaza de Armas

If you want to head north, you’ll find a very popular shopping area, a section of the city where stores and restaurants abound.
Also, if you want to expand your knowledge of the area, visit some of the city’s interesting museums, such as the Pre-Columbian Art Museum located here.

South of the Plaza de Armas

South of the Plaza de Armas you will also find tourist attractions that will captivate you. It is a lively and commercial area, but you will also discover a space for faith and relaxation in the temple of Qorikancha and many other churches located in the area.
If you go further out, you will also find a wide range of attractions, such as Sacsayhuaman, Qenko and Puka Pukara.
Now you know what to consider when traveling to Cusco Peru, pack your bags and enjoy this adventure!

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