Information about the city of Cusco Peru

Information about the city of Cusco Peru

Also known as the imperial city of Cusco or Qosqo (In Quechua), it was the archaeological capital of America and the capital of the Inca Empire, known as the “navel of the world”. It was an important centre of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire (Inca Empire), which lasted for a thousand years, and is currently the most visited city in Peru for its great architecture and spiritual wealth, one of the best cities for tourism.

Why visit the city of Cusco Peru?

The city of Cusco is a fascinating destination that offers you new stories, nature views, the best adventures, the best art, the unique gastronomy and its customs inherited from the Incas. Cusco awaits you and you should not miss the opportunity to discover it.

Where to start tourism in the city of Cusco?

Once you have decided and planned the date of your arrival in the city of Cusco, you have to choose the hotel and what to do during your stay. There are many options available and we are here to help you make the best decision for you by offering you the best Cusco tours. suggests starting the day with a delicious breakfast at Café Ayllu, which serves 100% freshly roasted Cusco coffee and gourmet Quillabamba jungle chocolate with milk cream.

A walk through the monumental Plaza de Armas is a must to see the main cathedral of the city of Cusco. Strolling through the streets, you will discover all kinds of arts, with handicraft shops, jewellery and typical costumes all handmade by local artisans. This tour can be done on your own without the need to hire a Cusco travel agency.

The traditional and cultural area of San Blas is a visit that should not be missed. It is full of quality handicrafts, traditional bars and cafes, and is surrounded by cobbled streets, with balconies from the Spanish viceroyalty era dominating the surrounding landscape and the entire city of Cusco.

Around Cusco were built fortresses like Sacsayhuaman and temples like Qoricancha, Quenco and Tambomachay. If you wish, you can visit these impressive places as part of your visit to the city and see the ingenuity and art of Inca architecture. To visit these places it is recommended to do it with a travel agency, it will be difficult for you to do it on your own.

Goandes Expeditions invites you to discover the diversity of this beautiful and fascinating metropolis and provides you with the most complete, reliable and updated guides to make your trip unique and unforgettable in the imperial city of Cusco in Peru.

How to get to the city of Cusco in Peru?

There are many ways to get to the city of Cusco from your country or from another city in Peru. We will tell you which are the most popular.

How to get to Cusco by Air

If you are outside the country you have to take a plane to the city of Lima, or if you are inside the country. You must book your flight to the city of Cusco, we recommend that you book the window to look at the beautiful view of the landscapes of the coast and closes.

Getting to cusco by land

If you are in the capital of Peru go to the national land terminal where you can select the best transport you want. Normally the land trip takes about 25 hours to the city of Cusco from Lima.

Don’t forget to bring your travel pills for altitude sickness and altitude sickness.

Facts about the city of Cusco

These are the important facts you need to know before coming to the city of Cusco.

Where is the city of Cusco located

The imperial city of Cusco is located in the south-eastern part of Peru, its geometric location is latitude south 13°30’45” and longitude west 71°58’33”, in the region of Cusco.

Weather in Cusco city

StationClimateTemperature Mx(°C)Temperature Min(°C)
Summer Season (April – October)Dry-121
Rainy Season (November – March)Rainfall825

The climate in Cusco varies according to the season, in April and October the temperature drops sharply at night, be careful.

What is the population of the city of Cusco?

According to the last census of the city of Cusco it has a population of 456 800 people between men, women and children.

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